$9.95 Flat Rate, duty-free Shipping to North America + Free Returns.
$9.95 Flat Rate, duty-free Shipping to North America + Free Returns.
Poppy Barley





SHOP-IN-SHOP at Nicole Bridger



Popup: Lululemon, Robson St.

MAY 3rd – 4th

Popup: Nicole Bridger, Gastown.

MAY 5 – 6th


We have a permanent shop-in-shop at the Nicole Bridger flagship in Gastown!

What this means for (lucky) you: We stock select styles in select sizes (6-10 Standard) so that you can experience the comfort of Poppy Barley for yourself. If your size is in stock, it’s all yours—no wait time. If you’re a Standard size and your favourite style is sold out at the shop-in-shop, we’ll ship it to you from our showroom in Edmonton within the week. Always check back here to find out what Poppy Barley styles are on offer at the Nicole Bridger shop-in-shop.

Please Note: We are unable to offer measuring appointments by staff at the Nicole Bridger shop-in-shop outside of our pop-up dates. However, we’ve left a women’s brannock (that fancy shoe-measuring tool) if you’d like to clarify your shoe size. You can find brannocks at any traditional shoe store.


14 Water Street,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 1A4

Phone: 604-730-1129


Monday to Friday
11:00am – 7:00pm

11:00am – 7:00pm

11:00am – 6:00pm

See These Styles in Person

The Heeled Chelsea Boot - Stacked Heel Black Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot with Elastic Sides - Poppy Barley
2.5 Ankle Boot - black leather 2.5-inch stacked heel ankle boot - Poppy Barley
Chelsea Boot - black leather ankle boot - Poppy Barley
Slip-on Oxford - black leather flat - Poppy Barley


Four times a year, we fly in our full and current footwear and accessory collections, and offer in-person measuring appointments at the Nicole Bridger flagship in Gastown—because, we get it, some people are unsure about measuring themselves for footwear at home. While our flats, ankle boots and men’s shoes require two measurements, our calf-fitted boots require four; we’re here to help you find the perfect fit. You can place a custom order on the spot, or save your measurements for later.

Tall boots can be made in a variety of calf widths and boot heights, including:

– 34cm to 46cm in calf girths
– 34cm to 49cm in boot height

At our pop-up shops, we try our best to have a larger range of sizes (5 to 12 for women, 5 to 15 for men) and a variety of foot widths on hand so that we can identify your perfect fit before you buy or place a custom order (custom orders take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive at your door).

The same goes for our accessories—from the Perfect Handbag to stylish Backpacks, touch, try on and explore our line-up of leather goods at leisure. If you love them (like we know you will), you can walk home with them, no wait time.

Walk-ins are welcome during pop-up hours, but you can also book an appointment to secure a spot ahead of time.

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