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Three Things To Do In Regina This Summer

The city of Regina has been experiencing a come-up in recent years. Listed as one of the best mid-sized cities to live in the country, the capital of Saskatchewan has seen a boom of new and exciting restaurants, shops, and attractions. With the influx of young urbanites and infrastructure growth, entrepreneurs and business-minded professionals are increasingly looking to Regina to open up shop.

Rachel Mielke in The Summerland Heeled Sandal - Poppy Barley

One of the city’s most notable figures in this regard is Rachel Mielke, the founder, and CEO of the Canadian jewellery powerhouse Hillberg & Berk. Rachel built her business up from her kitchen table and into a multi-million dollar, nationally recognized brand. As a fellow Canadian-based and female-built business, our relationship with Rachel and HB grew organically. We are inspired by how she motivates women to become their own bosses, and with her commitment to challenging what it means to be a woman and a Canadian building a business.

So when it came time to head to Regina as part of our #CanadaAtYourFeet Summer tour, there was only one local we thought of to give us an insider tour of the city. To get us feeling at-home during our Regina Popup (running from June 8th to 9th at the Hillberg & Berk Flagship), Rachel breaks down the best places to eat, shop, and see when in Regina.

Where To…


Skye Bistro 
Skye Bistro - Regina Travel Guide - Poppy Barley
photo by Skye Bistro

“One of my favourite places to eat in Regina is Skye Bistro. It is attached to the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Wascana Park, so the surroundings are beautiful. The restaurant is run by a local couple who believe in an environmentally friendly seed to plate concept. I love seeing the small garden planted on the patio, knowing those ingredients have made it onto the plate.”


Hillberg & Berk Flagship

Hillberg & Berk - Regina Travel Guide - Poppy Barley
photo by Hillberg & Berk

“Even though we’ve expanded across Western Canada and have so many beautiful stores, our Flagship Location on McIntyre Street in Regina still remains my favourite, as this is where it all began.”


Downtown - Regina Travel Guide - Poppy Barley

“I think if you are visiting Regina, you must visit our downtown. In recent years, so many great local pubs, restaurants, and shops have opened up. Victoria Park, right in the heart of downtown, is often the venue for local festivals and now offers a free skating rink all winter long.”


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