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Plus Size Boots: Meet Killer Kurves

We were so excited when Karyn from plus size fashion blog Killer Kurves reached out to us in November about getting plus size boots. Especially because our “plus size boots” are actually just boots. Whether you’ve got skinny calves, or have been searching the globe for wide calf boots, we can make it happen for you; and the sheer excitement and joy we’ve already felt from women who feel they’re being accommodated in the fashion industry is enormous motivation for us to keep moving forward and expanding our reach.

Plus Size Boots for wide calves: Killer Kurves for PoppyBarley.com

Check out more photos here. From head to toe (that’s The Savannah Hill Boot in Kaki, which has been redesign into La Hacienda Boot) our office has been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how she looks all morning.

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