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One Sandal. Five Women. Nothing But Love.

When it comes to our 2018 Summer Collection, one style seems to have caught the eye of some of our most stylish customers. If we were giving an award for the style most coveted by our audience of influencers, stylists, and fashion professionals, the Niagara Cross Mule would handily take the crown.

And there’s no wonder that the Niagara has become such a standout from the line. The slide-on silhouette is perfect for a season that requires you to get up and go at a moment’s notice, and the low-profile heel and criss-cross strapping details give an air of effortless sophistication to any warm-weather wardrobe. In the last few months, we have loved seeing how our customer has chosen to wear this versatile sandal, so we reached out to a few of our friends for feedback on why they have made the Niagara their go-to Summer shoe.

The Jury

Jenna Rae Illchuk & Ashley Nicole Illchuk
Co-Founder’s, Jenna Rae Cakes

Jenna Rae Illchuk & Ashley Nicole Illchuk The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley

“I love how you can dress it up or down, and they are the perfect height to wear every day! I love the black ones, and I’m definitely going to borrow Ashley’s red ones!” — Jenna

“I love red Niagara Mule! They instantly dress up any outfit and are the perfect compliment to a red lip.” — Ashley

Jenna Rae Illchuk & Ashley Nicole Illchuk The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley

Melanie Auld
Founder/Designer, Melanie Auld Jewelry

“Effortless – you can take them from day to night.” – Melanie

Melaine Auld The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley

Nikki Smith
Founder, Sculpt Barre Studio & Director of Brand Development, Melaine Auld Jewelry

“I find myself reaching for them the most, they are insanely comfortable.” – Nikki

Nikki The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley

Holly Horvath
Founder/Creator, @teachme_style

“I absolutely love my Niagra Mules! They’re perfect for whatever the day brings, whether it be teaching 25 first grade students, hitting up the grocery store or walking the streets of Paris- love, love, love!”

Holly Horvath The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley


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