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The “New” Poppy Barley: Introducing Classic + Limited Edition Custom Footwear

Jun 4, 2014

In May–in addition to launching a brand new website–Poppy Barley launched a new custom-fit Flats Collection with a new product direction.

Our inspiration was, as always, our customers – women like you who embrace personal style over trends, who buy conscientiously and confidently, and who have places to go, friends to see, wine to drink, and, frankly, a lot of ***t to get done.

You told us that when you buy a pair shoes from Poppy Barley you want it to be either a classic investment piece, or something truly original that suits your personal style and ethos.

We also noticed, when we reached out for product development advice, that you had high engagement, useful advice, and (often) strong opinions.

So, starting with our Flats Collection, we replaced seasonal product releases (with their focus on trends and accompanying implications of disposability) with Classics and Limited Edition collections. What does this mean, you ask? Well…

Our Classics Collection features colours and styles that are enduringly chic to create essential staples that transcend trends and time. These shoes are the bones of a great wardrobe. These leathers (Black, Black Python, Ruby Red, Rose Pink, and Camel Nubuck) will always be here.



Our new Limited Edition Collections are all about fun, cute and original leathers and unique styles. They speak to your personal flair, your personal tastes. Forget waiting on seasonal releases, and get ready for monthly instalments: more leather options, more regularly, in small batches. We’re only releasing 50 to 500 of each style until our supplies are sold out. Place your order in time, and you’ll have custom-fit shoes that are truly collector’s items.

Poppy Barley Limited Edition Collection 01 - Green With Envy and Sunrise Confetti.

Our first instalment: Limited Edition Collection 01, features the Green With Envy Classic Point, the Sunrise Confetti Classic Point and the Sunrise Confetti Modern Mary-Jane. Check the product pages to see how many pairs are left in each style (we’re excited to say, they’re going fast!).

With each Limited Edition purchase, you’ll receive an exclusive “Art Card” outlining the inspiration for your new shoes, as well as your number and the total that were made available–proof that you really are one in only a handful to own it.

Poppy Barley Limited Edition Collection 01 Green With Envy Classic Point Art Card.

We’ve also started monthly Product Development Polls to engage your help in sculpting future product at Poppy Barley; YOU help us decide what’s coming next, from the next limited release to a new addition in our Classics Collection.

Finally, we made small improvements to existing styles, like adding extra seams on the toe of The Classic Point, for an added dose of sophistication.

Poppy Barley - The Classic Point - Before and After

Poppy Barley - Classic Point - Ruby Red - Custom fit, ethically made. Ballet flats.

We also changed the curve of our Feminine Slipper to look more like a classic smoking slipper.

Before-After-FeminineSlipper, Poppy Barley


Poppy Barley - Feminine Slipper - Camel Nubuck

So… what do you think? As always, we appreciate any feedback.

You can subscribe to become a Poppy Barley Insider to be notified about new Limited Edition releases and Product Development Polls.

Until then… enjoy the “new” Poppy Barley.

Justine Barber

Co-Founder, Poppy Barley
Justine started Poppy Barley with her sister Kendall in 2012 after a seemingly endless frustration with boot shopping. An avid runner and reader, Justine shares her life in Edmonton with her husband Connor, son Jude, and puppy Quinn.