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classics collection

Some things last a life time. Poppy Barley’s Classics Collection has been astutely designed to endure trend fluctuation: staple styles in time–honoured hues, custom fit to your measurements. We lost ourselves to mass manufacturing; welcome back to the future of quality footwear.

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limited edition collections

Forget waiting on seasonal releases, and get ready for monthly instalments: more leather options, more regularly, in small batches. We’re only releasing 50 to 500 of each style until our supplies are sold out. Place your order in time, and you’ll have custom-fit shoes that are truly collector’s items.

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you measure yourself in 5 minutes

Poppy Barley uses the following measurements to construct your perfect pair of boots (1-4) and flats (1-2):

  1. Shoe Size
  2. Foot Width
  3. Calf Width
  4. Boot Height

These measurements allow us to address the vast majority of fit issues experienced by women seeking a proper fitting shoe. Custom footwear also delivers a significant improvement to the overall comfort and fit of your shoes.

how to measure yourself

Poppy Barley’s measuring process is designed so that anyone can measure themselves accurately in 5 minutes. Located on each product page, you will be instructed on how to measure yourself via video. Our Concierge reviews all orders and will follow-up with you if one or more of your measurements seem incorrect.

measuring appointments

We offer in-person measuring appointments at our Head Office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you are located in the Edmonton area, book an appointment to view our samples, feel our leathers and get measured by an expert staff member!

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How to Order - Custom Footwear - Poppy Barley

we handcraft your custom footwear

Artisanal shoemaking means using human hands in almost every part of the shoemaking process, from choosing natural, 100% genuine leathers and detecting flaws in materials, to precisely cutting, stitching and lasting the shoes. Producing custom footwear one pair at a time means every pair is a truly unique piece of art, revealing the expert craftsmanship and pride of our artisans. The quality and durability of custom footwear is unmatched.

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shipped directly to your door

It takes 4-8 weeks for custom, one of a kind shoes to arrive at your door. For the first time, you will experience the luxury of how a shoe should fit and what comfort should feel like. Get ready to stand out amongst the masses…

How to Order - Custom Footwear - Poppy Barley