Poppy Barley


We’re always looking for independent and corporate partners to collaborate with who align with our brand and envision something more than a one-off social media post. Whether you specialize in styled storytelling for your blog, have amazing ideas for engaging Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or Periscope campaigns, or want to throw an in-person brunch, lunch, dinner or #PoppyBarleyParty in your city, send us your pitch. Let’s come up with something that inspires and excites both our audiences and has long-term impact.

Here are just a few examples of some of our collaborative partners and projects:

Offbeat + Inspired

Off Beat and Inspired - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

When Kentucky-based photographer, stylist and foodie Tiffany Mitchell came to Edmonton in July 2014, courtesy of the city’s augmented reality magazine, YEGWEEKEND, we had the opportunity to measure her for custom Poppy Barley boots. Soon after they arrived at her door, Tiffany proposed a Poppy Barley-hosted brunch in the heart of Reed Valley Orchard in Paris, Kentucky, with layers and cozy sweaters, steaming hot cocoa, acoustic guitar sets, and an incredible meal prepared by her friend and expert chef Elizabeth Cauvel from Season 5’s MasterChef. She also resourcefully brought in a series of supporting sponsors, like Whole Foods, to make it happen. From afar, our audience and hers participated in the brunch via Instagram, as-it-happened, and the results were pure magic. Of course, several in attendance were wearing custom Poppy Barley boots!

Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

Following a Vancouver coffee date with our co-founder, Kendall, former Bachelorette star, host of W Network’s Love It or List It Vancouver, and interior designer Jillian Harris has collaborated with Poppy Barley on numerous occasions. Over the last few years, Jillian has styled and shared our Poppy Barley boots and flats across all major social media platforms and hosted a holiday giveaway for readers; likewise, we profiled her vintage shop, Charlie Ford.

Sacramento Street

Sacramento Street - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

We worked with Caitlin Flemming from San Francisco-based blog, Sacramento Street, on a campaign that prompted readers to visually design their “Perfect Saturday” on Pinterest. The prize: a pair of Poppy Barley boots, plus $550 to bring their “Perfect Saturday” to life, whether it was date night on us at a favourite restaurant, or a gift card to a local boutique. Thousands of pins, hundreds of entries, the lucky winner ended up hailing from NYC.

Carmyn Joy

Carmyn Joy - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

Edmonton’s Carmyn Joy is a hugely talented photographer with a unique presence on Instagram. Together, we created a contest that anyone could participate in called #PBWorthWalking. By sharing a photo of a place they deemed worth walking to, participants entered themselves in a pool to win one of three pairs of Poppy Barley flats, which garnered nearly 500 entries. Later, Carmyn shot three lookbooks for Poppy Barley.

Ania B. and Tyler Stalman

Ania B. and Tyler Stalman - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

A model, blogger, photographer and stylist, Ania B. worked with Poppy Barley on a Calgary Stampede-themed Pinterest campaign alongside ATB Financial. More recently, we sent entire collections to Ania and her business partner/photographer extraordinaire, Tyler Stalman, to shoot several lookbooks for us, from L.A. to the Rocky Mountains. Interested in shooting for us? Send us your portfolio.