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Poppy Barley

Collaborate With Us

If you think OUR audience should know what YOU’RE all about, and YOUR audience should know what WE’RE all about, let’s talk.

Working with Jillian Harris - Collaborations - Poppy Barley

We believe in sharing stories that matter–or rather, making stories matter–through thoughtful storytelling and organic relationships. Our vehicle is footwear. What’s yours?

Let’s tell stories of all the people, places, businesses, designs, products, technology and ideas that inspire us; let’s do it in the best way we know how. From in-person events, speaking engagements and creative retail opportunities, to print or online profiles and social media campaigns, this is all about human connection and humanizing what we do.

Get your wheels turning by navigating through the sidebar, and fill out this form to send us your idea.

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