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Founder's Letter

An Open Letter to the Canadian Fashion Industry

The end of Toronto Fashion Week, the shrinking staff at fashion magazines, the rise (and fall?) of influencers, and a stretched economy. When it comes to Canadian fashion, our co-founder asks the question, “Are we crazy to try and stay?”

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The Product

Here’s What Ethical Manufacturing Means at Poppy Barley

Behind everything you wear, including your shoes, is a person with a sewing machine. Here, our co-founder, Justine, shares our approach to screening our suppliers and factories.

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Tina Chang - Grazia - Feature
The Wanderer

Fashion in the Middle East: Traveling (Far) For Work

Photographer Tina Chang travels from Edmonton to Abu Dhabi in pursuit of fashion. She returns with a big portfolio, and an even bigger perspective on life.

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Daniel Braun - In His Shoes - Tres Carnales, Poppy Barley, León, Mexico
The Conversation

In His Shoes: Daniel Braun @TresCarnales

From the co-owner of Tres Carnales and Rostizados, find out Daniel Braun’s approach to dining, what life is really like in the Shoe Capital of the World, and the Mexican cure to a hangover.

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The Look

What to Wear With Those Ankle Boots: Meet Stylist Kara Chomistek

Biomedical engineer, turned fashion stylist, turned entrepreneur. Kara Chomistek tells us how she’s pushing the fashion industry in Canada (and, perhaps equally important, how to style up those Poppy Barley ankle boots).

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Erica Wark - Poppy Barley Shoes
The Conversation

In Her Shoes: Erica Wark @EricaOnFashion

When someone yells at us on the street and fires us a hand symbol, it’s not always awesome. For Erica Wark, awesome is the only way to describe it. Meet The Social CTV’s resident stylist and find out what Poppy Barley shoe she loves.

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The Read

Designer Nicole Bridger Discusses the “Grey” of Ethical Fashion

“I believe that all change starts with conversation.” Here, Poppy Barley co-founder Kendall Barber has an imperfect conversation with Nicole Bridger about ethical fashion and manufacturing. Watch.

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