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Founder's Letter

Show Us Your Shoes

When I was a teenager, my gym teacher had a sign on her door that said “Show Me Your Friends. I’ll Show You Your Future”. If there’s truth to this statement, Poppy Barley has a cool, smart future. In this issue, we chat dress codes, work and life with friends of Poppy Barley.

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Working as a Stylist in Canada: Meet Talia Brown
The Read

What It’s Like to Work As a Stylist in Canada

Toronto-based personal + celebrity stylist Talia Brown real-talks about breaking into the Canadian fashion industry. Plus: Why she chose the Heeled Mule from Poppy Barley’s SS16 Collection.

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In His Shoes: Ryan Oland | Magazine | Poppy Barley
The Conversation

In His Shoes: Ryan Oland

We steal time from an Emergency Doctor with very little time to find out what it’s like working 80-hr weeks, and how he decompresses from it all. Take a walk in Ryan Oland’s shoes.

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The Tutorial: Berry Confetti-Inspired Make-up with Lux Beauty | Poppy Barley Magazine
The Tutorial

Berry Confetti-Inspired Makeup with Lux Beauty

Get the Look: As we launch our next limited edition Berry Confetti leather, we asked Lux Beauty Boutique to create a berry-inspired look for summer.

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The Wanderer

Landscape and Entrepreneurship in Iceland

Daelan Wood, Poppy Barley’s developer, takes a 10-day trip to Iceland with Gather Media Co. to play with drones and explore entrepreneurship in one of the most breathtaking countries on the planet. Watch, look and read.

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The Fit: Shoes for Wide Feet | Poppy Barley Magazine
The Fit

Women’s Shoes For Wide Feet

Amy Tan, an academic family physician and an avid Poppy Barley fan, tells us why, after a terrible car accident and a lifelong struggle to find shoes size 9.5 wide, her Poppy Barley wardrobe continues to grow.

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The Look: Lawyer Style vs. Startup Style | Poppy Barley Magazine
The Look

Lawyer Style vs. Startup Style

From a corporate office to a co-working space, Connor, a lawyer, and Warren, a community manager, compare style notes. One thing they do have in common? Their Poppy Barley Men’s shoes.

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