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The Wanderer: 6 Spots to Visit in Bend, Oregon | By Anna Jacobs @mssdaisy1
Founder's Letter

Finding a Spark in the Darkness of Winter

Our co-founder, Justine, talks about all the reasons to love January + the darkness of winter; what new leathers you can expect this month; and says a little goodbye–for now.
Photo by Anna Jacobs

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The Product

Inside the Midnight Collection

One of the season’s biggest trends–navy + black–takes form in our latest shoe collection. Long gone are the days when it was a fashion no-no to pair them. Go behind-the-scenes at our shoot with Jillian Schecher.

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The Wanderer

Six Must-Stop-Stare-and-Awe Spots in Bend, Oregon

Photographer Anna Jacobs takes us on an adventure through Bend, Oregon – from sleeping under the stars to hiking green and misty waterfalls and standing atop awe-inspiring cliffs to take in awe-inspiring views.

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Borrowed from the Boys: Conni Jespersen from Art in the Find shows us how to wear her Poppy Barley brogues
The Look

Borrowed From the Boys: How to Wear Brogues and Oxfords

If you’re stumped when it comes to styling oxfords, stylist Conni Jespersen will change your mind with these two easy-breezy looks. (Gird the tulle!)

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The Read

Pulling Motivation from the Motivated

Looking for motivation in 2016? We asked four highly motivated people to define their “Before”, and the moment they decided to chase their “After”.

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The Conversation

In Her Shoes: Jennifer Wilson

Get ready for some real talk: Poppy Barley co-founder Kendall Barber interviews the founder of VONBON, Jennifer Wilson, tête-à-tête. Here’s the transcript.

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In His (Poppy Barley) Shoes: Joseph Doucet, Dean of the Alberta School of Business
The Conversation

In His Shoes: Joseph Doucet

Joseph Doucet tells us what he likes the most about being the Dean of the Alberta School of Business, and what three key attributes one needs to be successful in business. Plus: whose shoes he’d wear if he lived in the 19th century.

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The Fit: Small Shoe Sizes for Men
The Fit

Small Shoe Sizes for Men

“Have you tried the children’s shoe department?” Creative director Chris Hamill has heard this more than once. Read about his frustration with shopping for a men’s shoe size 6.5. (FYI, we do 5-15!)

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How to: Lean Out Your Closet | Five Steps | Style Bee for Poppy Barley
The Tutorial

5 Steps To A Successful Closet Edit

Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee breaks down 5 steps to leaning out your closet for the new year. Get your pens and printers ready, it includes a worksheet and labels!

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