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Founder's Letter

Kendall Looks Back at the First Three Years of Poppy Barley

Our co-founder, Kendall, reflects on 2015 and the pure luxury of handcrafted goods. This season, gift less and gift better. And don’t forget to celebrate.

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The Product: Designing the Perfect Handbag - Poppy Barley - Poppy lining
The Product

Designing the Perfect Handbag

Justine, co-founder and product development lead, and Monica, brand design manager, break down the thought and design that went into creating Poppy Barley’s Perfect Handbag.

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The Look

Poppy Barley Showroom + Tips For Modern Christmas Décor

We break down the holiday styling behind our showroom – thanks to Christine Shankowsky from Just Bella Bash, Justine Ma Design and Andrea Hanki Photography.

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The Tutorial - Pura Botanicals Lane Edwards writes about bespoke perfume and how scent triggers memory
The Tutorial

Bespoke Perfume and How Scent Triggers Memories

From top, heart and base notes, Lane Edwards, Founder of Pura Botanicals, alchemist and perfumer, reveals the process behind creating your own fragrances. Find out what a woman’s “invisible legacy” means.

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In Her Shoes - Sasha McCauley shows off her Poppy Barley boots and shoes
The Conversation

In Her Shoes: Sasha McCauley

Sasha McCauley talks about her job as a wine + spirits sales rep and certified Sommelier, the Tito’s Vodka punch you must try, and the 13 pairs of Poppy Barley shoes in her house.

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In His Shoes - Justin Archer, BRLN - Poppy Barley Oxfords
The Conversation

In His Shoes: Justin Archer

Find out how the Berlin Wall inspired Justin Archer’s advertising and PR agency, Berlin, his brand building tips, and why “being in the room” is important.

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I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley
The Fit

Choosing Poppy Barley for Comfort, Story + Style—Not Fit

When it comes to shoe shopping, Aislin doesn’t have problems finding shoes that fit, but she still chooses to shop at Poppy Barley. Why, you ask? We wondered the same thing.

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The Luxury of Handcrafted Goods - Poppy Barley
The Read

The Luxury of Handcrafted Goods – 5 Makers to Add to Your Wishlist

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” This statement (Coco Chanel) rings true for these five Canadian companies. This season, we’re seeking comfort in thoughtfully made goods.

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The Wanderer

Still In Edmonton: Loving the City You’re In

As we’re staying home for the holidays, our Wanderer post is about our favourite places to shop + eat, all within wandering distance of the Poppy Barley office. Plus: watch a video tour of our city.

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