Poppy Barley

The Studios

The Road to Custom Shoes

We manufacture our flats and boots in a small studio, which in total employs seventeen artisans and several support staff.

The studio was founded 12 years ago by Lupita and her husband in partnership with a Chicago-based company to manufacture a line of custom men’s dress shoes. Lupita was initially hired as a consultant by this company to find a studio that could make custom shoes, but after a two-year search, it was clear that the only way to move forward was to open up their own made to measure studio.

Lupita converted a traditional Mexican house into a small factory, and added skylights to brighten up the space. Located in a neighbourhood mixed with residences and small businesses, colourful buildings line the streets and a market opens up daily just one block away.

Every effort is made to ensure that our studios are clean and safe. In the 12 years that Lupita’s studio has been manufacturing shoes, they have remained entirely accident-free.