Poppy Barley

The Founders

The Founders

Poppy Barley Made to Measure Footwear Founders

Poppy Barley Founders Kendall and Justine Barber never intended to shake up the footwear industry, but with a shared passion for style—and a seemingly relentless frustration with boot shopping—they quit their day jobs to start Poppy Barley Made to Measure.

As sisters, they knew they could unite their talents to create something spectacular. Acting as sample models, they flew to the city of León, Mexico, also known as “The Shoe Capital of the World”, in search of an answer—and it came in luxurious AA Grade leather.

After a few meetings with expert cordwainers and a few quick measurements, Kendall, with her large runner-calves, and Justine, with her high arches, found the perfect fit.

They were the most comfortable, wearable and beautiful boots they’d ever walked in, and suddenly, women everywhere wanted a pair of made to measure shoes for themselves.